Campaign Feasibility Study

Will your plan of action or fundraising campaign succeed? This study is designed to address the feasibility of your plans from a number of perspectives, but in particular, from the eyes of key stakeholders (individuals, corporations, governments and foundations). The study is comprised of a series of one-on-one confidential interviews with a broad selection of interviewees (donors, prospects, community leaders, governments, members and clients, Directors and Trustees, key staff, volunteers, and others). On average, 30 to 70 interviews are conducted with the final number and composition of interviewees determined based on recommendations by your organization, interviewees and research by Counsel. The Feasibility study results in a report that outlines specific action steps and decision elements for implementation. The Feasibility Study report, in conjunction with the Audit report, forms the basis from which key organizational and campaign decisions and action steps are taken.

The Feasibility Study report takes into account many elements pertaining to your organization including, but not limited to: perceptions and understanding about what business your organization is in, willingness to support, comments regarding the timing and nature of a campaign or initiative, annual, endowed, major and planned giving opportunities, receptiveness to supporting the campaign, willingness to give, desired level of giving, interest in making a lead or founding gift, willingness to volunteer and provide leadership, comments on recognition and stewardship, and interpretation of fit in the competitive marketplace.

Fund Development Planning

A Fund Development Plan helps bring focus, direction and relevance to the development work of an organization. Fund Development Planning clarifies where and how development work fits within the larger organizational Strategic and/or Business Plan. A Fund Development plan is vital, not only for effective organizational growth and administration, but also in achieving the vision, mission and core values of an organization and securing the necessary funding to support these.

Counsel works with you to create a clear, succinct working document that outlines immediate as well as longer-term goals with identified leadership and measurable benchmarks for accountability and celebration purposes. The Fund Development Plan addresses the requirements to build a strong and effective development office bringing focus to:

  • Annual, major & planned giving initiatives
  • Capital projects
  • Sponsorships
  • Endowments
  • Membership fees and structures
  • Operational funding and sustainability
  • Building a strong and effective development office
  • The organizationís philanthropic culture
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, Imagine Canadaís Code of Ethics, Canadian Association of Gift Planners Code of Ethics, Charitable Fundraising Act (Alberta), and others
  • Fund Development Policies regarding gift acceptance, processing, recognition and others
  • Educational and reference resources of benefit to staff, volunteer and member development

Fund Development Policies & Procedures

A strong and effective development program needs guidelines and a framework in order to achieve success. Based on experience with a diversity of organizations, Counsel provides custom tailored Development Policies & Procedures to meet the needs and philosophy of your organization and reflect its mission driven, charitable nature. These tools take into consideration Canada Revenue Agency guidelines as well as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice outlined by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, the Charitable Fundraising Act in Alberta and the guidelines set out by Imagine Canada.

These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • gift acceptance
  • gift processing
  • donor stewardship and recognition
  • naming
  • sponsorship
  • endowment
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