Communications Plan

A Communications Plan brings focus, direction and relevance to the communication work of an organization. The Plan clarifies where and how communications work fits within the larger organizational Strategic and/or Business Plan and what type of resources are required, both human and financial, to create a successful program.

Counsel will work with you to craft a plan that addresses:

  • Key messages – not only what you want your audiences to know, but what your audience wants to know about your organization
  • Strategies – how best to get the key messages to the audiences in a format that will ensure the message is received, understood and acted upon
  • Tools – what tools will work best to follow through on the strategies
  • Implementation – how to get the tool in front of the audience.

Case Document

Telling your organization’s story, inviting investment and offering new opportunities all come more easily when the team is supported in its ability to articulate the function, vision and goals of the organization with a Case Document. Designed for presentation purposes – both in print and PDF formats, your organization’s Case must succinctly summarize what the organization is and outline investment opportunities. This document will form a valuable cornerstone for development work and will set the tone for all subsequent communications.

Working with you, Counsel creates a Case Document that informs, inspires and motivates people and groups to act. The Case Document is your “brochure” and will focus on:

  • Opportunities
  • Trends
  • Your response to opportunities and trends
  • Role of prospective donor/partner
  • Vision/mission/values
  • History, track record, and marketplace position
  • Goals, strategies, and objectives
  • Organizational resources
  • Accountability and evaluation
  • Future plans

Each Case Document is custom tailored to your needs by Counsel with a goal of creating a cost-effective, highly useable tool both now and in the longer term.

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