Experienced, effective, creative...

  • Provides objective, strategic advice based on experience and careful, independent analysis of your organizationís capability to meet the challenges ahead
  • Helps define Organizational and Fund Development goals and assists in creating and implementing an effective strategy to meet and achieve these
  • Helps package your organization to your best advantage
  • Works closely with key staff and volunteers to ensure a sound understanding of planning, marketing, communications and fund development techniques
  • Helps identify, cultivate and enlist the support of new staff and volunteers who will broaden your base of support
  • Helps determine who your best donor prospects are and shares essential expertise in the research, cultivation and solicitation of these prospects
  • Helps you, through sound coaching and the provision of necessary knowledge and direction, to achieve a strong and proactive organization and ongoing development campaign.
  • Brings Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive standards to all work undertaken including a binding confidentiality agreement.

Counsel does not raise funds for your organization.

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